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Alexander Hayes



Recently married hence the penguin suit...... concerned at the level of un-precendented violence in my home town of Sydney, Australia............living in Orange ( rural Australia ), working in a chicken shed (with many IT staff) .......watching the economic downturn pulling about the most critical components of the community such as job services and welfare agencies....watching organisations shift their rhetoric from 'capability development' to 'workforce development' .......survived a flood ( in McDonalds ).....keen to explore where online builds and fosters positive community amidst the carnage and fallout from the big greed bomb.


Title of presentation

Valuing Connected Community : Balance In Uncertain Times


Presentation Date / Time

11.00 UTC / GMT - May 24th 2009 - See schedule


Presentation abstract or description

An investigative lead-up to what constitutes value in our hyper-connected but increasingly fragmented online-socio-sphere....reflection points....considerations......collaborative inputs and finally some form of didactic monologue only long enough to appear academic, associative and referenced :)


Presentation links

Slideshare - http://webheadsinaction.ning.com/profiles/blogs/wiaoc-presentation-finally





Further information / links on keynote speaker

WIAOC09 Ning


Alexander Hayes


POV : Upskirting


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