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Title of presentation

You Can't Collaborate Alone - Community as Curriculum for Life Long Learning

Blog description of the presentation


Presentation date / time 

May 24, 2009 - 17:00 GMT


Presentation abstract or description

This presentation will be an exploration of how the communities we form and participate in can be the curriculum for life long learning. In an attempt to demonstrate this, the actual 'content' of the presentation will be contributed by the audience in real time and will form the bulk of the examples and twists and turns of the presentation. These will (I hope, please contribute) be filled into the 'scaffolding' of the presentation which I'll offer up on my blog a couple of weeks before we the presentation. You're all invited to be part of my presentation :)


Presentation links

These will continue to accumulate up to and during the presentation. 

There is a theory that this builds on --> http://davecormier.com/edblog/2008/06/03/rhizomatic-education-community-as-curriculum/


Further information / links on keynote speaker

Presentation Inspiration: This presentation was inspired by two Jens. The title comes from a classic edtechtalk refrain coined by Jennifer Maddrell: you can't collaborate alone. The concept for the presentation comes from an IM discussion with Jennifer Jones where she was pointing to the sillyness of the two of us concurrently working on papers about collaboration by ourselves. The presentation, then, will be an inherently collaborative process between the speaker and the audience. We will be speaking about community, collaboration and curriculum in lifelonglearning... but creating those slides together as the presentation develops.


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