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May 23

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Webheads in Action Online Convergence 2009 (May 22-24)


We're pegged to UTC (or GMT/Zulu) as shown here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Can't read this? For a wider view, visit http://tinyurl.com/wiaoc09may23

The above URL was last archived May 24

but THIS is the definitive version of the schedule!


This event having now ended (whew!)

ARCHIVED RECORDINGS are available at:



And thanks to Learning Times for providing Elluminate and these archives



Presenters are welcome to revisit here and provide links such as Slideshares to any presentation materials

Thanks very much to all involved


Time in UTC/GMT
with link to




Presentation track (and link to presentation venue)


Name of volunteer webcaster

60x70 thumbnail
or icon of
Name(s) of Presenters with at least one contact address (see note above) Title of Presentation (and link to further information) 50-word abstract / description
00:01 a.m.
01:00 EFLBridges.net/live  Jose Rodriguez, Jeff Lebow  EFLBridges Building  Creating a collaborative, new media, real time collaborative EFL learner centered community 


unconvergence event


Jeff Utecht streaming live

from BarCamp Bangkok on http://live.fukduk.tv/



unconvergence event

Jeff Utecht streaming live

from BarCamp Bangkok on http://live.fukduk.tv/


Spontaneous F.U.N.

unconvergence event

Jeff Utecht streaming lunch

from BarCamp Bangkok on http://live.fukduk.tv/


Unconference Session in SL


12:00 am (midnight) SLT 




Carol Rainbow /
Carolrb Roux in SL

carolrb@rmplc.co. uk

Making audio posters for vocabulary practice  

This workshop will enable building beginner delegates to create image resources that language learners can interact with to hear vocabulary items.  All resources needed will be provided. During the session participants will learn how to make a poster board, add a texture and script to make it play a sound file.

Provided during the session:

·  Sample English sound files including days of the week, season, months & numbers

· Textures corresponding to the sound files

· Touch and step-on scripts for interaction

· Notecards explaining the process for the touch script in English and Spanish

·  A  notecard explaining where to download Audacity and how to use it to create appropriate sound files for SL

·  Posters explaining the process to put up in the workshop area

·  Examples for delegates to try out – and freebies to take away 





SL Unconference Session


LLL3D Island


2:00am SLT


Giuliana Perco (SL: Cvetka Nacht)

Jaime Alamo (SL: Alpha Lorgsval)

Jennifer Stanigar (SL: Bonbon Braveheart)

Margarita Pérez-García (SL: Paz Lorenz)

Creating Flexible Learning Environments with Builders Buddy   In this workshop you will learn how to create your own portable personal teaching space using the Builders Buddy scripts.   



Learning Times Elluminate Room 1
  Teresa Almeida d'Eça  To use Web 2.0 tools, that is the question... or not!

I will show examples of different Web 2.0 tools that I have used to broaden communication and interaction in the blended language classroom, whether with young learners or teacher trainees, and "you" will decide on their usefulness and effectiveness.


SL Unconference Session


Edunation II - Amphitheatre


3:00 am SLT


Simulcast for users with little SL experience. AUDIO only with text chat. http://webheadsinaction.org/chat

Select Webheads chat room

Jose Rodriguez


Nergiz Kern (SL: Daffodil Fargis)

Dennis Newson (SL: Osnacantab Nesterov)

Nick Noakes (SL: Corwin Carillon)

Graham Stanley (SL: Baldric Commons)

Language Teacher Training in Second Life

Panel presentation


This panel discussion will present the experiences from a 6-week online workshop organised through TESOL's 'Electronic Village Online'


Presentation slides 


SL Unconference Session


Edunation II - Amphitheatre


Simulcast for users with little SL experience. AUDIO only with text chat. http://webheadsinaction.org/chat

Select Webheads chat room

Jose Rodriguez




Nergiz Kern (SL: Daffodil Fargis)

Dennis Newson (SL: Osnacantab Nesterov)

Nick Noakes (SL: Corwin Carillon)

Graham Stanley (SL: Baldric Commons)

Language Teacher Training in Second Life



Discussion on the best ways of using Second Life for teaching and learning languages.


Presentation slides

12:00 p.m.


Unconference Session

Learning Times Elluminate Room 1

Michael Coghlan michaelc@chariot.net.au Open Mic Session
Bring your own agenda and a willingness to share and contribute to topics that will be decided on the fly by those who attend. 



Open Spresentation and Collaborative MindMapping


Learning Times Elluminate Room 2




Robin Good




Robin thought this slide presentation was particularly illustrative of what he was trying to get across in this memorable presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/RobinGood/be-your-own-boss


How to Deliver a Memorable Online Demo

Most online demos  showcasing software or web tools tend to be boring, long and with little interaction with the attendee. What can you do to deliver a memorable online demo?



Unconference session in SL

07:00 am SLT




Shiv Rajendran

Shiv Teacher in SL

 Learning in Virtual Worlds  Presentation:  How learning has traditionally taken place in Virtual Worlds and how this can be applied to teaching 


Barbara Dieu

Invited Keynote


Learning Times Elluminate Room 2

  Jozef Colpaert Distributed learning, personal goals and the role of communities


Unconference Session

SL http://bit.ly/languagelab

09:00 am SLT



   Chris Speck /CaptainJayBird Beck
in SL
  chris@languagelab. com
Demonstrtion of Virtual Language Learning Machines and their use and in the virtual classroom. 

I love creating games and puzzles for language students and SL offers possibilities beyond real life. I'd like to demonstrate and share some of the machines I've made and ask for feedback and comments on these. Puzzles and Machines to Demo:
1.  Spelling/vocab Bridges and stairs
2.  Multiple Choice Machines. The Sick Dog, The Treasure Chest, The Mine, The Robot- The same old task with a twist
3. The Shooting Gallery
4.  Human Close tests
5.   Ten Pin Bowliing with Words

These are fairly big and numerous prims. I'd expect the demo to go on for an hour with the first forty mins on demonstration and the last twenty on feedback.



Published at:


  Alec Couros Open & Networked Teaching: A Transformative Journey
This presentation continues the conversation begun at "Visualizing Open/Networked Teaching" & "Visualizing Open/Networked Teaching: Revisited". It will begin with an overview of open & networked teaching as it applies to changing views of knowledge, emerging literacies, and the rise of social networks. The presentation will give practical tips on how to create open educational experiences and will project how open & networked teaching will transform education as we know it.


Unconference Session in SL 

11:00 am SLT

Muvenation Sandbox


Antonella Berriolo /

Anna Begonia in SL 

Playing with sounds and prims.  Workshop:

What will we do?

With 3 simple ingredients: a sound file, a prim and a script, we will cook some easy tools to use in class or for self access exercises. 



Learning Times Elluminate Room 2
  Wesley Fryer StoryChasing: Empowering Students as Digital Witnesses (Part 2 of 2)
Just as a stormchaser uses available technologies, knowledge and skills to pursue and document an impending thunderstorm, storychasers use their tools and abilities to document stories of local, regional, national or international interest. In our classrooms and after-school programs, as educators we can empower learners of all ages to become digital witnesses and responsible citizen journalists as storychasers. Whether on a school field trip, conducting research for a class project or school journalism assignment, or interviewing local residents to share about their lives and experiences, storychasers can and are utilizing a rich array of new media tools to create, communicate, and collaborate. Come learn how to join the storychaser's communication revolution, and catalyze the development of a diverse array of 21st century as well as traditional literacy skills with students in your local community who can become empowered storychasers!
20:00  SL Unconference Session 

13:00 SLT

(read comments on venue - under abstract)

   Iffaf Khan iykhan@essex.ac. uk  Monday morning classes   The title of the topic refers to the idea of why self-access material is important.  This is a talk and a swap shop of tools for self-access.  The aim is two-fold: to illustrate how Second Life provides opportunities for self-access and to provide examples of self-access material.   The audience are asked to bring their own ideas and suggestions of self-access material to the swap shop. 

This will last for one hour. Venue: The event would be held in our Ivor Crewe Auditorium (which is a replica of the real one).  Participants would have to visit the campus the day before, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Wivenhoe%20Island/247/26/22 , to request a group invitation.  Two hours before the event they would be given a day pass and after the event they will be ejected from the group

There will be a drop box at the above-mentioned location one week before the talk.  Participants can drop notecards in it with their comments, ideas or suggestions for self-access in RL and SL.  Participants should clearly name their notecards.  I'll make the drop box full-perm so they can see and read each other's notecards ahead of time.  It should add to the flavour of the swap shop and it make it truly interactive.


Unconference Session: Teacher Identity in Virtual Worlds in


Learning Times Elluminate Room 2



Bron Stuckey


Research on teacher identity from Quest Atlantis
Sharing research about who the teachers are that are attracted to virtual worlds like Quest Atlantis and what part their engagement inworld plays in their professional identity. This will be a conversation about not on the research carried out in Quest Atlantis but a chance to explore issues of identity for teachers in MUVEs of all kinds SL, WOW etc.














Moderation Heike Philp 


up to 8 presenters


Published at: 



Heike Philp



Pecha Kucha Presenters

Dennis Newson (->RECORDING)

Holly Longstroth (->RECORDING)

Peter Ockenden 

Buthaina Al Othman (->RECORDING)

Erwin Zetz

Raymond Romanos (->RECORDING)





Pecha Kucha Live Online 












A Pecha Kucha Night is a fast-paced, entertaining series of speedy presentations. Any top can be presented with 20 slides which auto-advance every 20 seconds (Pecha Kucha) or 15 seconds (Ignite talk by O'Reilly Media).

Send me an email if you wish to reserve 6min 40sec.

For a great demo on Pecha Kucha see the one they did at IATEFL in Cardiff. http://tinyurl.com/ce8b8p

This Pecha Kucha will be conducted in Elluminate.


Moira Hunter

Session at

Learning Times Elluminate Room 2




Maru del Campo 


Creating Bridges

Presentation: a report on an online experience to overcome Digital Divide.

March 24Th. 2008 to 2009.

We will present the experiences from a 4-week online workshop which flourished after a TESOL's 'Electronic Village Online' session and continues blooming



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