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Webheads in Action Online Convergence 2009 (May 22-24)


Friday, May 22, 2009


We're pegged to UTC (or GMT/Zulu) as shown here:http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Can't read this? For a wider view, visit http://www.vancestevens.com/papers/evonline2002/wiaoc09may22.htm

The above URL was last archived May 24

but THIS is the definitive version of the schedule!


This event having now ended (whew!)

ARCHIVED RECORDINGS are available at:



And thanks to Learning Times for providing Elluminate and these archives


Presenters are welcome to revisit here and provide links such as Slideshares to any presentation materials

Thanks very much to all involved


Time in UTC/GMT
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Presentation track (and link to recording or presentation venue)


Name of volunteer Webcaster

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Name(s) of Presenters with at least one contact address (see note above)
Title of Presentation (and link to further information) 50-word abstract / description
00:01 a.m.          
01:00 raw audio recording is no longer here at Worldbridges

Doug Symington et al EdTech Brainstorm

Find the Learning Times Elluminate recording here


Blogged version of Interview



raw audio recording is no longer here at Worldbridges





Doris Molero
interviews Vance Stevens
  " A conversation on Integrating technlogies in the EFL Class and Web 2.0 as multiliterated agents"
An interview with questions related on how to integrate technology in the EFL class and web 2.0 tools as multiliterated agents

Unconference session in SL - 2:00 am SLT

Muvenation Sandbox


Simulcast for users with little SL experience. AUDIO only with text chat. http://webheadsinaction.org/chat

Select Webheads chat room

Jose Rodriguez


Chatlog with ideas for uses of this tool


Teresa Almeida d'Eça

Tere Short in SL



The XyText Notecard Reader
This is partly a demo session in which I will show how to use the Notecard Reader (NR) and partly a hands-on session in which participants can play with the NR that I will give them. We'll also brainstorm ideas about how to use this tool for language learning.

Unconference session in SL -  3:00 am SLT

Morgen's Platform


Simulcast for users with little SL experience. AUDIO only with text chat. http://webheadsinaction.org/chat

Select Webheads chat room

Jose Rodriguez



Angelina Macedo/

Morgen String in SL


Benefits and drawbacks of using The 2in1 Holodeck and the vComm Presenter in Education  In this session two tools will be presented and explored: The 2in1 Holoeck and the vComm Presenter. The benefits and drawbacks of using them for educational purposes will be highlighted 


Moira Hunter



Invited Keynote

Learning Times Elluminate Room 2


Simulcast AUDIO only with text chat. http://webheadsinaction.org/chat

Select Webheads chat room

Jose Rodriguez






Prof. Sugata Mitra



Self Organised Learning and Mediation Environments - the future of schools?




The talk reports on experiments with self organised learning by groups of children with free, unsupervised access to the Internet in public spaces. The original experiments, often called the 'hole in the wall'' experiments, lead to the creation of SOLEs, Self Organised Learning Environments with remote mediation over the Internet from a SOME, a Self Organised Mediation Environment. It is proposed that SOLEs and SOMEs can replace schooling in areas where good schools cannot exist and good teachers are not available.

12:00 p.m.

Panel discussion


Find the Learning Times Elluminate Room 1 recording here

Jeong-Bae Son (Australia); Vance Stevens (UAE); Antonie Alm (New Zealand); Andrew Lian (USA); and Siew Ming Thang (Malaysia) Technology innovations for language learning and teaching

Panelists address innovative practices with technology resulting in deeper learning or enhanced productivity; open source and web 2.0 tools that successfully engage students in learning, create a sense of community, or promote collaborative peer-to-peer learning; example perspectives: digital portfolios, digital storytelling, blogs, wikis, microblogging, podcasting, social networking applications, voice/VOIP tools

13:00 Break    Kim Cofino and Jeff Utecht will present at 1 a.m. GMT May 25. This is due to an error made on the keynote page where a pointer to 01:00 GMT May 22 was written in as 13:00, creating an a.m./p.m. problem.  Apologies from the WiAOC team and thanks to Kim and Jeff for their understanding.     



Published at: 

  David Warlick    



Publsihed at:

  Nancy White - Slides at http://www.slideshare.net/choconancy/digital-habitats-for-webheads-in-action-online-09 Digital Habitats: Stewarding technology for communities
Spidergram activity
















Published at: 


Jessica Driscoll /

Jessie Teacher in SL 

jessie@ languagelab.com

Social relationships in English City.  This presentation looks at the social relationships that students have with the 'English City People' who play functional roles in the virtual space.  This draws a correlation between the architecture of virtual worlds and a learning environment based on learning through social contexts 


Sus Nyrop

Published at: 









Moira Hunter (RL)

Busy Link (SL)




Marlene Brooks (RL)

Zana Kohime (SL)




Jon Brouchoud (RL)

Keystone Bouchard (SL)



The Learning Curve for Architectural Education in Virtual Worlds



Join us in an unconference discussion. 


Topic:  blending language learning, architecture, virtual  worlds, technologies and the pros and cons.


WhereArchiTECool (Architecture through Technology Enhanced Collaborative Online Learning in Other Languages)


Unconference Session:Quest Atlantis


Start in Learning Times Elluminate Room 2


Simulcast AUDIO only with text chat. http://webheadsinaction.org/chat

Select Webheads chat room

Jose Rodriguez

Skype id:  coordinatortwo




Bron Stuckey


Orientation to Quest Atlantis

This is a chance to visit the curriculum-based virtual world Quest Atlantis designed for students aged 8-14. We will meet inworld and over skype to explore and hold conversations.


Teachers wishing to join this session will need to register and provide valid contact details for themselves and their school:


Online Workshop: WIAOC09

Registration Code: 647678












Pecha Kucha 

Published at: 











Heike Philp



Pecha Kucha Presenters

Heike Philp (->RECORDING)

Robert Squires (->RECORDING)

Donal Thompson (->RECORDING)




Pecha Kucha










A Pecha Kucha Night is a fast-paced, entertaining series of speedy presentations. Any topic can be presented with 20 slides which auto-advance every 20 seconds (Pecha Kucha) or 15 seconds (Ignite talk by O'Reilly Media).

Send me an email if you wish to reserve 6min 40sec.

For a great demo on Pecha Kucha see the one they did at IATEFL in Cardiff. http://tinyurl.com/ce8b8p

This Pecha Kucha will be conducted in Elluminate.




Published at: 



Dafne González /

Daf Smirnov in SL   

Cristina Palomeque

Cristina Papp in SL

A tour of Ciudad Bonita in Second Life  Come visit our mediterranean city "Ciudad Bonita" in SL, which was especially built to teach Spanish. You will find out where and how we teach.  Have fun playing with our educational tools.


Unconference Session

Plaza de Ciudad Bonita in SL 

15:00 SLT



Evelyn Izquierdo/
Evelyn Michalski in SL

Jennifer Verschoor/
Tamara Ashton in SL

SL Basic Skills (For beginners)  A basic workshop for newbies in SL. Learn in a fun way to walk, fly, jump, move objects, use camara controls, and many other SL skills. 



Learning Times Elluminate Room 2 

Rita Zeinstejer 



Google Apps in the Classroom  Presentation: a report on a f2f experience at the Google Teacher Academy, November 18, 2008. A collection of Google Apps and how they can be integrated into the ESL/EFL class. 


Times linked to WorldClock on May 18, 2009. 

Please check YOUR event and let me know of any discrepancies in your time and WiAOC time.


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