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And now for something comLEATly different ...




One follow-on to the recent WiAOC conference is the idea of SpeedGeeking http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_Geeking


Kim Cofino and Jeff Utecht mentioned it in their presentation at WiAOC


This got Webheads thinking we could try the technique, so we decided to schedule them regularly 



Webheads Elluminate Room (thanks to Learning Times) http://tinyurl.com/y3eh


What's this about?


SpeedGeeking is where a lot of participants show up and move at a signal from one presentation to another.  The presenters keep repeating their presentations.  In Online SpeedGeeking as Webheads will attempt it we will rotate presentations through our Elluminate presentation room at http://tinyurl.com/y3eh.   Elluminate has a countdown timer. We'll set it to countdown 5 minutes. The SpeedGeeker's task is to present cogently and concisely on a topic of choice (non-commercial of course :-) in just 5 minutes. Scope of topic is up to you, as long as you cover it in 5 min. 


We'll meet at http://tappedin.org as usual noon GMT Sunday June 14 and then move to Elluminate and try to upload ppts for the next hour.  SpeedGeeking starts at 13:00 GMT and all are welcome.  Come along, should be fun.  Even better, give us a presentation!


The event will be recorded in Elluminate. When done we'll share the recording.  If people like the recording and the idea in general, we'll do it again some time.


How to sign up to present?


If you would like to join us, please indicate your willingness to present (date and topic) here:


  • Write the date and your name


Add your name above and write a little about your topic


Vance will not be pushing this for the next few weeks, will return to UAE end of July or August and try to revive this here.  The one Teresa did got us all thinking this kind of thing can have potential.  We'll definitely do more.  Meanwhile if you want to schedule one or more just enter your details here and announce it to webheads in general.


I've tried using Flowgram, where I uploaded a five-minute-long presentation I made with Google docs on Creating Interactive Stories using Google docs. It's HERE. Now I'll see whether I can upload it to Elluminate, which I doubt. I can also upload the original ppt, but the recording I made on Flowgram would be missing, and then I'd have to record my speech on Elluminate, in our room, or else wait to make it synchronous. Rita





SpeedLifing June 7, 2009


What's this about?


Well, someone had some questions about Second Life (SL) in the Webheads noon GMT chat today Sunday May 31 but Vance was at work and couldn't go there at the time due to LAN restrictions.  So we agreed to visit SL from noon GMT to about 1400 GMT on Sunday June 7, 2009.


A couple of people asked where we would meet.  It gradually dawned on us, why not try a similar format in SL?  If you have a place you'd like to show us, teleport us in.  We'll give you 5 to 10 min of our SL time and then it will be the next person's turn. 


How to sign up to present?


As with everything else Webheads do, sign up at the list below (overwrite or add to what's there already, as appropriate):


  • 13:00 GMT, Webhead Link (Vance),

    Landmark to be visited: Webheads in Action, EduNation III (72, 36, 21)

  • Next up: Ruta Maya, Mexico, Nina Liakos/Zaytsev, SLURL tba


SpeedGeeking June 14, 2009


Teresa Almeida d'Eca - Tag Galaxy

Teresa's brief 5 min presentaton was recorded here: http://tinyurl.com/090614tag-galaxy


Comments (2)

Nina Liakos said

at 10:26 am on Jun 1, 2009

Since presentations will be sequential rather than concurrent, it seems to me that this is not actuall speed geeking but pecha kucha, which Heike Philp coordinated so wonderfully at WiAOC. Whatever you call it, it sounds like fun! I hope to participate in both sessions.

Vance Stevens said

at 4:44 am on Jun 5, 2009

Nina, where can you show us on Jan 7? I just sent a note to Webheads

Can you write in a place above when you get the chance? I'll do the same when I get a moment tomorrow.

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